IMG_0790God called me to this space to share the Gifts of Grace He meets me with. It is in the small ordinary of my day where I need Him most.

My new normal, where the ordinary has changed in so many unexpected ways. The boundaries a bit smaller.

Derailed by a rare chronic illness, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, P.O.T.S. for short. There is no cure. No magic pill.

Life interrupted. In the middle of a scenic half marathon, running with friends. My world shifted that day.

It has not been the same since, nor will it ever be the same again.

But if you asked me today, I would tell you that in that shifting, I found a better place. If given a choice, though there are days when I stomp and cry and yell out why, I would not go back there again.

It is in the crippling vertigo, my snail’s pace, a sometimes muddled  brain, the bottles of Gatorade, a myriad of medications, and chronic pain, God meets me most.

The place when fatigue and weariness set in, I crawl up in His lap and surrender to His lavish Grace.

I no longer teach pre~school. No longer drive. No longer run.

I read. I write. I have a scooter and a charming cane. I Listen to podcasts. Enjoy the quiet. Savor the slowness of it all.

I rely heavily on the husband God has blessed me with. I am surrounded by wonderful community and friends. Some who knew me “before”, some, not ’til after.

The precious man I live with, Cecil, graces me with patience and tenderness. Eats many a take out meal. Ignores the dust, the pajama days. Loves me when there is no spackle or cosmetics to pretty up my face.

We’ve been married twenty-nine years. Blended two families. Together there are four children and a passel of ten precious grandchildren. One furry friend, Lola, part corgi~part dachshund.

We live in the beautiful foothills of South Carolina on a “windy ridge” in a humble abode. The Wilderness Place. We spend lots of time pondering life on our deck. We attend church right up the road, sharing life and love and plenty of “senior moments” sprinkled with much laughter.

Tammy L. Mashburn

Gifts of Grace

8 thoughts on “About

  1. This tells your true story. A great way to share your life and illness. This will encourage a lot
    of people who have a Chronic illness. So many who have one. You have done a great job in
    sharing your story. Keep up good job. Never know who you are touching with your Stories.

    Keep it up girl.

    Love you,


  2. What a beautiful story!


    PS – Can I ask you what Tell His Story is all about – I clicked on that image but it didn’t take me anywhere.

  3. Love your perspective on living with chronic illness. I have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness that brings days of deep fatigue. I’m slowly learning to enjoy the slower pace and trying really hard not to feel guilty for the things I can no longer keep up with. My husband has been a great help. Thanks for sharing your journey and being an inspiration.

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